Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

The following leads and links originated by reading this article on the Children’s Health Defense website. There exists more-than-enough information needed to make an informed decision to save Baby’s life.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the leading cause of American infants of those that occur between 28 days old to one year. These infants are running the first-year-of-life vaccine gauntlet.

A new study published in Current Medicine and Chemistry titled, “Sudden infant death following hexavalent vaccination: a neuropathologic study,” lends support for the long theorized link between an ever-expanding number of infant vaccines and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Read more…

For more information–do your own research, for Baby’s sake. And yours.

Who’s looking for pathetic excuses and stupid nonsense from apathetic sources? Does anyone desire to speak against anyone not wanting to vaccinate their children?

Be at peace. Don’t be concerned with what the mainstream thinks Most people don’t want to offend others–they just want to be nice. (These blinders are carefully worn by those fearfully staying in line.) But once a people, especially God’s people, know and follow the truth, they will not keep it to themselves. Others will KNOW because we don’t hide the light by keeping it to ourselves.

Fact: The Creator God of the Bible does not need help from any (so-called) disease preventing vaccine. Period. Think about it.

To the truly born-again Christian: KNOW and FOLLOW the truth concerning this matter.

Either way, if you are one of His, we’ll hear back from you, right here on this very same page.

Just in case one would want to respond by claiming to be confused and “I don’t know what I should do”, here is a couple YouTube videos that should help to make it clear as day:



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