Dying Is Expensive–A Matter of Choice

Dying is expensive. But it doesn’t have to be.1

Quality of Life, Not Just Length of Life?!

First read this for some understanding on a “learned” healthcare perception: Why 5% of Patients Create 50% of Health Care Costs

Hospice told me and my siblings that “We focus on quality of life not length of life” when my mother was passing. The same thing was told us when my father-in-law was passing.

Is that all there is to it?!

In America we live like we want to, with the results being our diets, our vaccinations (couldn’t help but include that dirty word), our daily drugs (especially antibiotics) and our disinterest toward making changes that would benefit us and all through life most never give it a second thought as to why America is so sick and fat.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that with integrity comes responsibility–a responsibility to do our own thinking, a responsibility to find the truth and our responsibility to live the truth.

For anyone truly in-the-dark about any specific natural help needs, here’s a few names, links and videos to help in beginning some research–just beware of those speaking against natural alternatives:

  1. Russell Blaylock (I am only going to give one example of a TRUE quack site and here it is: https://theoutline.com/post/1183/the-quack-behind-the-msg-scare-is-still-stoking-fear-for-profit?zd=1&zi=tcvwuyx4)
  2. Jonathan Wright 
  3. Chris Wark
  4. Ty Bolinger After putting Ty’s name in a search engine, I found his site on the second results page.
  5. William Faloon 
  6. Mike Adams–Health Ranger–Natural News Use your favorite search engine and see if you can come up with a website URL, “www.naturalnews.com”. Read some of the results you will find, such as Natural News – Wikipedia and/or Natural Nonsense: Science Supporters Condemn Natural News Founder Mike Adams. Keep searching… and reading, if you want to. Have you ever seen such an attack on a health website? What does that tell you about Google and FaceBook? Answer below if you have decided to visit Mike’s website, www.NaturalNews.com and can see what it is about the site that is so reprehensible…or not.

Choose to live the rest of life without integrity and say things like, “I’m confused” or “I just can’t make up my mind on what to believe” or recognize the truth and live a life full of quality–a healthy body, sound mind and a joy that surpasses all understanding, given to all who loves the LORD.

It is a choice we all make, either way.


  1. Dying is expensive–yes it is, according to the Health Affair website 8.5% of aggregate medical spending in the United States was spent in the last twelve months of life. On The Atlantic website there is an article titled, “How We Spend $3,400,000,000,000–Why more than half of America’s healthcare spending goes to five percent of patients“. The reader may, or may not, appreciate the conclusions of this particular approach of the article (such as, “Hospice…can be a massive money saver” and rationed healthcare but do give attention to some of the stats, in case you choose not to follow the link. Here are a few:

      • Last year (2016), America’s total medical costs hit a new record of $3.4 trillion.
      • $3.4 trillion is about 18 percent of the country’s total GDP (That is one out of every six dollars…)
      •  Five percent of the population accounts for 50 percent of total medical costs

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