Silent Epidemic–The Untold Story of Vaccines

Hopefully, this page will be helpful to someone. What follows is a video to bring a few things to mind and the downloadable eBook is for having as a reference, in which the many legitimate studies prove, that there is definitely another side to the story.

Innocence Prosecuted Without Defense

Mothers and fathers are the jury, their babies are the defendants and the prosecutors are those demanding vaccinations. Is judgement being passed upon children without hearing what the defense has to say? Let the defense speak. Please listen:


Vaccine dangers are for real!

Nothing to lose by investigating–right? Here’s convincing information, all in one PDF. At least read a few pages of this free eBook. Just click on the image below and you will be taken to the download page:

(If there is a problem preventing the download try this download link from this site:


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This link is for Jesus people:

God Does Not Support Vaccines

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To understand the specifics of what goes on in the body when vaccinated, first meet Dr Andrew Moulden (a 5 page PDF of his biography) and see if you think he would be a credible defense for you and your child. If you think so then do a search for this: Dr. Andrew Moulden: Every Vaccine Produces Harm. If you can’t find a copy let me know; I’ll let you borrow mine. Until then you might want to read this: Tribute to Dr Andrew Moulden and then, visit here: VAXXED II – The People’s Truth

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Suggestion: Get pen and paper and write the information down that is provided in this short video and check to see if all the info is true.


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If your pediatrician threatened to not see your baby because you are questioning the vaccination of your baby, then that is certainly a red flag. Arm yourself with some knowledge about the baby doctor business.

Your pediatrician’s agenda is to follow the CDC’s vaccine schedule.

Here is a 258 page PDF. The name of it is

The Terror of Pediatric Medicine


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CDC Vaccine Price List

Financing Immunizations in the United States

What Would It Cost to Vaccinate Every Child for Everything?

Vaccination coverage for selected diseases among children aged 19–35 months, by race, Hispanic origin, poverty level, and location of residence in metropolitan statistical area: United States, selected years 1998–2017

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  1. Info In Plain Sight November 23, 2019 at 12:36 pm
    More? How about Vaccine damage healing?
    Consider: 1. Are vaccinated children healthier than non-vaccinated children? 2. Do vaccines have any long-term side effects or damage that may not surface for months or years? 3. Does research show vaccines are safe? 4. Can vaccines cause cancer or fertility problems? 5. Do vaccines cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome also known as Crib Death)? 6. What are the chances that my child may be hurt or killed by a vaccine? 7. Do the assumed benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks? 8. Didn’t vaccines get rid of acute infectious childhood diseases? 9. What about polio? Wasn’t it eliminated due to vaccination? 10. Was the polio shot given in the 50’s and 60’s contaminated with monkey virus? Is it causing cancer? 11. Is vaccination why we have so much cancer today? 12. Are there benefits to a child having acute infectious childhood diseases? 13. Are the ingredients in vaccines safe? 14. How do vaccines work on a cellular level? How do vaccines affect the immune system/nervous system on a cellular level? How do vaccines cause damage on a cellular level? 15. Do vaccines affect genetic material? Are we hurting future generations? 16. Is there a conflict of interest in vaccine policy decisions? 17. Can a person legally avoid vaccinations? 18. Is there hope for the future?
    The answers are here.
    HORRORS OF VACCINATION EXPOSED AND ILLUSTRATED (1920 – A PDF [This book is no longer in print.]) HTML version here.

    For more posters, stickers, flyers, bumper stickers, DVDs and books, go here.

    Random links:
    Hepatitis B vaccination of male neonates and autism diagnosis, NHIS 1997-2002

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