Sick and Fat


Even though too many Americans are sick and fat, most of them will never do anything about it. You may be one of the few who would love to have some answers. If so, good for you!

The following video shares a good philosophy.1:


Be forewarned that there will be content found on this site that many will find objectionable. For instance, check out the posts found on the right side of the page. Listening to both sides of the story comes from intellectual integrity. A good definition of intellectual integrity is this: “The discipline of striving to be thorough and honest to learn the truth or to reach the best decision possible in a given situation. A person with intellectual integrity has a driving desire to follow reasons and evidence courageously wherever they may lead. Individuals who strongly manifest intellectual integrity value objectivity, evidence-based decision making, and the courageous, fair-minded, and complete pursuit of the best possible knowledge in any given situation.” In other words, everything we believe and “understand” probably isn’t true. So what do we do if someone crosses our path and informs us that there is more to it than what we’ve been taught? Do we side with a possible deception because that’s the “accepted” way to go or do we have intellectual integrity?

This BMI calculator is for your convenience and can be used as a fairly good indicator, though not perfect, of weight health:

BMI–Body Mass Index–Calculator

Your BMI is

 Below 18.5 = Underweight

18.5-24.9 = Healthy

25.0-29.9 = Overweight

3.0 and above – Obese

For more information visit this page on the Medical News Today website. is a new site (start-up date: 4/3/2019) and welcomes comments, suggestions and other authors to share their knowledge and/or experiences–just use the “Contact” page. (I get comments by email. If you want to keep what you say just between the two of us, just tell me in your comment/email to KEEP IT PRIVATE and it will not be “Approved” to show anywhere on this website.)

My confession and disclaimer to all readers of this website is that I am not perfect. I picture myself as one who has slowed down enough to not drive completely off into the abyss. I almost went over the edge and crossed into the world of aches and pains and medications caused by poor health. All I am doing is taking a look at what almost happened to me and trying to get others to take a serious look at themselves. There are those who have and will point out my short comings in my discussing topics about good health and there are those reminding me that I pay too much attention to my personal (physical) health. I know better than that. I can do a whole lot more than I do to help myself. (Instead of my BMI being right at 25, I know it would benefit me to bring it down to about 23.) And finally, I don’t mean to offend anyone by this website–I only want to help.

  1. agrrees with up to a point: Just be aware of Dr Greger’s conclusion concerning autism and vaccines. To understand a little better why we do what we do, maybe reading our About page will help some.