Healthy and Fit or Sick and Fat?

Healthy and fit? Of course, some are! Sick and fat? Yes, it’s true, for the majority, Americans are sick and fat, more so now than ever before. Acknowledging this fact,  is the beginning of traveling the road to recovery. This website is for those interested in helping themselves and/or loved ones and most certainly is not meant to be offensive. Bottom line? It boils down to the choices we make. God created us that way!

Many Americans are sick and fat. (Well, it’s a global problem but we’ll stick close to home.) About 35% of adults and approximately 17% of children (aged 2 – 19) are fat. ( 1 ) More than 90% of type 2 diabetics are overweight or obese–fat.  There are more diseases related to obesity, such as heart disease and stroke and high blood pressure. Some cancers, gallbladder disease and gallstones, osteoarthritis, gout, breathing problems, such as sleep apnea and asthma are a few more of the diseases related to obesity.

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Good food is where the answer is so I will begin by using this video:


Another suggestion (17 minutes):

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This BMI calculator is for your convenience and can be used as a fairly good indicator, though not perfect, of weight health (The calculator doesn’t work on my phone but does on my computer):

BMI–Body Mass Index–Calculator

Your BMI is

 Below 18.5 = Underweight

18.5-24.9 = Healthy

25.0-29.9 = Overweight

3.0 and above – Obese

For more information visit this page on the Medical News Today website.

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Not much is said about processed sugar, unless you look for it. Overweight people may find it hard to believe but sugar is a no-no. It’s bad for you and it’s very addictive. But you know that already, hopefully. If not, then you might want to read this: “The Secret to Detox Success and Long Life: Cut the Sugar!and then, who knows–you might be glad you got referred to the information.

Added 2-19-20: Not much is said about the huge numbers of children who are sick these days–a lot more than there were just a few years ago–unless you look for it. “The actual physical condition of the kids is different than it was twenty years ago. We have more diabetic students. We have more kids with major allergies. We have kids with seizure disorders.” (From an article by Anne Dachel, “Chronic Health Problems”,  found at the Children’s Health Defense website.)

The only reason for this short blurb about sick children and the link given is to awaken the few who can be awakened to the realization that there is something dreadful going on here and it is up to the individual to look for the answers that are there for us to acknowledge and daring us all to know and understand that which can be known and understood.

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Healthy and Fit or Sick and Fat–– is a new site (start-up date: 4/3/2019) and welcomes comments, suggestions and other authors to share their knowledge and/or experiences–just use the “Contact” page. (I get comments by email. If you want to keep what you say just between the two of us, just tell me in your comment/email to KEEP IT PRIVATE and it will not be “Approved” to show anywhere on this website.)

My confession and disclaimer to all readers of this website is that I am not perfect. I see myself as one who has slowed down enough to not run completely off into the abyss. Hopefully, this information will help someone. Before leaving the site please read the “About” page.

Welcome to Healthy and Fit or Sick and Fat!


  1. There is a lot more involved in childhood obesity than we are aware of.

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