Sick and Fat Is Anonymous For These Reasons

1 – To avoid nasty “ad hominem” personal attacks and internet harassment.
2 – To focus attention on the science, especially concerning “certain” topics of and not on the owner/operator of this source, Sick And Fat.com.
3 –  “Argument by authority” is not respected here. What matters is the science. (But! The overwhelming number of anecdotal evidences so easily available cannot be ignored. Why?  To properly have that question answered please register with this site and have your registration approved. It may take a few days for approval.)

About The Sick and Fat Website

The name, Sick and Fat, (the domain name fatandsick.com is what I wanted but the cost was out of reach) came to mind  because the sick and/or the fat are everywhere. It did not come to mind because of any particular person or persons I know personally–Please!  I have since realized that the name is offensive to most fat people visiting here or even those who just hears about it, without coming to the site. FAMILY AND FRIENDS? In case you’re here and are overweight and you think I’m trying to be offensive to you and/or yours, you’re dead wrong. This website are for those seeking for truth–all others please leave. (Being resolute is a good thing; being stubborn, especially while believing a lie, is not. What is true?

The Bible Answers ANY and All Questions About Life – Spiritual and Physical

Sick Sick Sick

Most sick people seems to never equate their sicknesses with their diet–doctor visit after doctor visit after  doctor visit and never getting better, eating the same processed diet day after day after year. But that’s just my opinion, which is based upon experience and observation.

* * * * *

SickandFat” is easy to remember–just add a “dot” and a “com” to it. Come back whenever you take a notion. If you see where this endeavor can be improved upon or helped in any way, you’re welcome to give a hand.

It’s needless to say, but… More information will be provided as time allows.

The Reason For This Website (SickandFat.com)

There’s not a doctor or a nutritionist who helps with this website–just me–even so, I can can find information that could help other people who don’t have the extra time. (So could you.) With reputation and credentials or without reputation and credentials, there are those who have the heart to help.

Hoping the best for you and yours,

Sick and Fat