About The “Healthy and Fit or Sick and Fat” Website

The domain name (URL), Sick and Fat, came to mind  because of all the obvious evidences. There are way too many sick people–they’re everywhere. It seems to me that most people are not anywhere close to being healthy. The obese population is one of the greater evidences of the unhealthy in America. This website is for those looking for better health. To be “Healthy and Fit or Sick and Fat” is a choice we all make. Obviously, “For Better Health – Let Good Food Be Your Choice“.

There’s not a doctor or a nutritionist who helps with this website–just me and I’m neither one. Almost anyone can find information that could be of some help. Maybe something you find here will be beneficial towards your better health.

My premise is that while good physical fitness is a good thing to achieve, life without Jesus is still a dead end road. The only savior for mankind is Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of the one and only true God. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to read about Him in the Bible. Learn about Him and follow Him by turning from the gods of this world and walking daily with Him, the Lord Jesus Christ. This is true repentance. This is true peace.

Be spiritually healthy. Be physically healthy. One affects the other, negatively or positively.

G Freeman Shepherd – The owner /operator at the Healthy and Fit or Sick and Fat” website

The Bible Answers ANY and All Questions About Life – Spiritually and Physically

Note added February 11th, 2021:

Vaccine information–truthful information– can be found on the Internet. If you want the truth about vaccines, then search for it. There is more than enough to convince any honest person to reconsider their pro-vax bias.

Would anyone like to purchase the domain, “VaccineCheckpoint.com”? I created a website, with this domain name, to provide some pro-vax people close to me an unobtrusive way of sharing a different point of view about vaccines. This is a subject of controversy and that of which most sheeple do not want to hear anything of. The site served its purpose. The offer of information still stands but I will have to be contacted personally. Until then (just to let you know that I still stand for what’s right and for the truth), here is a link to a 2 1/4 hour documentary that should provoke most any honest person to re-think their vaccine beliefs1:

COVID Vaccine On Trial–If You Only Knew

SickAndFat.com–will be removed from the web this coming April.


Added 2-18-2021:


Vaccine myth is more comfortable than the often difficult search for vaccine truth. What vaccine myth? What vaccine truth? Search for the truth about vaccines and the answers will become known.



  1. This link will probably be the last “vaccine life-line” I throw out for a while.

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