The “Healthy and Fit or Sick and Fat” Adminisstrator Has Chosen to Remain Anonymous For These Reasons:

1 – To avoid unnecessary  “ad hominem” attacks. It is the message that is important. Leave me out of it.
2 – To focus attention on the science (especially concerning “certain” topics) and not on the owner/operator of  Healthy and Fit or Sick and Fat”.
3 –  “Argument by authority” is not respected or tolerated here–honest questions and civil discussion is. What matters is facts: True science. (But! The overwhelming number of anecdotal evidences so easily available cannot be ignored. Why?  To properly have that question answered please register and search this site for “anecdotal evidence”.)

About The “Healthy and Fit or Sick and Fat” Website

The domain name (URL), Sick and Fat, came to mind  because the sick and/or the fat are everywhere. It did not come to mind because of any particular person or persons I know personally.  I have since thought that the URL may be offensive to most overweight people. I apologize, if this is the case–I did not mean to hurt anyone. This website is for those seeking for good answers (and I could certainly use some help!) I hope the website’s name, “Healthy and Fit or Sick and Fat” makes it clear that it’s a choice. So, here is to hoping, “For Better Health – Let Good Food Be Your Choice

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Sick Sick Sick

Most sick people seems to never equate their sicknesses with their diet–doctor visit after doctor visit after  doctor visit and never getting better, eating the same processed diet day after day after year. But that’s just my opinion, which is based upon observations.


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The Reason For This Website, “Healthy and Fit or Sick and Fat” (https://SickandFat.com)

There’s not a doctor or a nutritionist who helps with this website–just me and I’m not a doctor or nutritionist either–even so, I can can find, as most anyone can, information that could help other people who don’t have the extra time to look up stuff. With reputation and credentials or without reputation and credentials, there are those who have the heart to help.

But! (And this is of the most importance!)

Good physical fitness is all well and good but life without Jesus is still a dead end road. The only savior for mankind is Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of the one and only true God. Read about Him in the Bible. Learn about Him and follow Him by turning from the god of this world and walking daily with Him, the Lord Jesus Christ. This is true repentance. This is true peace.

Hoping and praying for you and yours,

The owner /operator at the Healthy and Fit or Sick and Fat” website

The Bible Answers ANY and All Questions About Life – Spiritually and Physically

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