This Section Under Construction

This section of the site is just getting started with the idea of gathering and providing information about the body’s organs and systems. You may check it out by visiting this page: Organ Health Index

This section of the website is a slow process. Again, there’s just one of me and I still work full time and have more to do around our place than I’ll ever get done. But, I am compelled to do this, too. I’ll do what I can, when I can. Want to help? Email me at or visit the “Contact” page.

My wife and I recently watched, “It Takes Guts” on Amazon Prime and I found it on YouTube. So, I’ve just embedded  the video on the “Gut” page–it is the first video. (The link to the “Gut” page is located on the Organ Health page. I think it is very well worth the time it takes to watch and learn.